Thursday, April 16, 2009

First day back at school

I am sending this as a group letter because I have a cold and fever and I want you all to have this information-- I just don't want to type it out a million times or talk on the phone more than I have to.

I just wanted to let you know how Chris's school day is going (I just talked to the nurse). We brought in a jar of peanut butter for his snack so he can dip his pretzels (and the nurse bought a loaf of bread in case he has a low), his lunch with his turkey sandwich on a frozen pack, teddy grahams, grapes, and he is having chocolate milk for lunch. We also made sure that all of his teachers have glucose tabs in the classroom, and they gave him an index card to hold up saying, "I need glucose," and he has another one with our information and the fact that he has diabetes and his name.

Apparently, he had a low at 11:30. He didn't hesitate; even though there was a substitute teacher in the classroom, the sub gave him a glucose tab and when they tested him, he was at 69. So, they took him right to eat lunch, and they will test him in 30 minutes (I just talked to the nurse) to make sure it's up. But they said it was all handled with great expediency.

Jill the Dietitian just called too and was happy to hear how everything is going and asked about the lows. I will send her a follow-up email letting her know about today at school.

I am going on Christian's morning field trip with him, School Nurse said that if you want to go on the all-day fishing field trip, she'd pack everything he needs (the peanutbutter, we can bring extra carbs, the glucose, little cups and ketone strips, his blood glucose meter) in his storage tub so you'd have it. And I'd plan on giving him an extra snack that day in the afternoon or even morning if he's really active.

He was low again at 3 am (69) so I gave milk and then retested half hour later. I didn't re-test him yesterday because I figured it was okay, but last night at bedtime, he was 157, and so when he dropped to 69, I re-tested him because I wanted to make sure I was right about him going up with the milk. And he was in the 140s when I re-tested. So, I'd just do whatever you feel comfortable with at 3am when it comes to re-testing (but also just be prepared to give him milk).

I think the fact that nobody has trouble with the injections is more than half the battle. The diet is even fun. I'd love to come up and see him-- and maybe to go out for Chinese, because that's something I'm going to have to figure out with him too.

Okay, I think that's it for now!

Hey, could you forward this to your sister for me? I am cc-ing my folks, the dietitian, and the nurse educator on this too, because it's just easier than typing or saying a million times. I haven't called your sister because I am sick and talk on the phone as little as needed, but I know she would love to hear an update.


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