Thursday, February 18, 2010

One short day in the emerald city

A few changes around here-- just some minor color changes, and some new stuff on the sidebar.

I went running twice today. I went this morning at 8 a.m. with my friend Devon (pictured above at the Frostbite run) (who is married to Royce (at your left), whom I have mentioned) and she pushed her 11-month-old, sleeping daughter, Fern, in the baby jogger. We did 2.5 miles and talked the whole way. It seemed like a good pace.

I was tired after that, because I got up at 6:10 a.m. for insulin. Then, I ended up making cinnamon rolls for the kids for breakfast because I didn't go to the store yesterday for Christian's usual breakfast. He reminded me later to go to the story, and I drily remarked, "You know, it's not like I'm not providing you with other foods."

After my run, I found Christian's lunch sitting on the counter, so I ran to to school for him. Then, did a little work, and Dash and I drove down to Macon (30 miles South) to pick up our newly-butchered 1/4 cow. It turned out to be about 107 pounds of cow. That is so much ground beef that we could practically stand beside our trunk at the grocery store and make a tidy profit selling it out of our car.

And we may just have had to. I was reclined in my seat, tired from my early morning and then running, so I thought I'd nap a bit. We ate grinders at the Pear Tree Sub Shop, with homemade sweet potato fries, and verily, I say unto you, it was good.

So, we're driving, Dash is fiddling with the radio stations, I'm trying to doze. This goes on for awhile, until we both hear a ka-thunk! And I think, "Oh no, what did we hit?" Then Dash says, "Your battery light just went on. . . Aaaand I just lost power steering... Aaaand now the radiator is overheating. We are breaking down." He pulled over immediately and turned off the car. We now think that we didn't hit anything so much as something fell off.

Fortunately, we have cell phones, and the number of a towing service IN our phones. So, we called for a tow, then we called the place that fixes our car and got an appointment. Then we played Scrabble on his iTouch, while I texted with Kathy Howe, until the tow truck arrived, not very much later.

After the van was hitched up and we got into the cab of the tow truck, I turned to Dereck and said, "I hope the baby doesn't wake up and start crying."

Tony The Tow Truck Driver didn't buy that we had left a baby in our van, but he did believe that we had left 1/4 of a cow in our van. That is Missouri, I guess. So, he very nicely offered to drop us off at our house with the beef on the way to the mechanic. And would you believe that our house was actually on the way? So, he pulled over, we hopped out and unloaded, then Dash went to the mechanic, and I put away the meat. Dash walked home and got home just about the time I had gotten all the meat sorted and put away. He walked in, and I said, "I knew you'd want to look at all the meat, so I left it on the front porch for you."

"No, you didn't."

"Did you already look in the freezer?"

"Of course I did."

"That's a lot of beef."

"That's a LOT of beef."

We are trying to guess how long the meet will last us. Dereck says August. I say October. We like beef, but we just don't eat a TON of it. Hahaha, I guess we will now.

So, I'm home, I'm updating Facebook, I am joining Daily Mile dot com (see widget in the sidebar), and Carol calls. She is back in town. Do I want to run?


So, I ran again. 2.9 miles.

Now, my knees hurt, and I am really and truly going to take a nap.


  1. You must be VERY hungry after two runs!

  2. Hmmm. Quarter cow. 4 inhabitants man-sized eaters.

    Could be July?

  3. @Pengo- thanks, now go be my friend on!

    @Liza: As part of the way we are eating now, the meat is more of a flavoring, so 4 steaks would feed 5 of us, instead of 1 per person, and so on. So, that's why I'm stretching it a bit.

  4. Well, sweetie - we get half a cow once a year - we use meat in much the same way - and we never make it a whole year - and half the year we are supposed (erhmmm) to be abstaining from said cow.

    And two of my five man-sized eaters are much smaller than yours....

    That's too much math-like thinking...but I'm jus' sayin...Dash may be right!

    I bet next year you get a half? Bet you a sirloin? ;-)

    See one of the joys of living in the emerald city!

  5. Ah, see, this is the first time we've ever even gotten this much. So, I think you're probably right.

    Hahaha, I won't take that bet, because you're probably right about that too! I would like to get more lamb too.

    I have friends, by the way, who think that the Greek place puts crack in their gyros because they are so addictive!!!

  6. We started out getting a quarter lamb too. Last year we ordered a half, and it still isn't enough. And I swear we do not eat meat every day, or in great wodging quantities.

    It may just be the consumers are growing?

    See - with the Greek thing. V. has been doing the baklava by hand - none of this buying a huge tray of it wholesale from Chicago - and her own recipe for souvlaki. (You've had the souvlaki, right?) So - you see - the secret ingredient is LOVE.

  7. I have not had it yet-- Dereck has though and loved it. I am still fixated on the crack/love gyros, lol.

    Haven't tried the baklava yet either! But the spanikopeta is very very good.