Monday, December 21, 2009

The Cat who sat in the Puddle

Anne Lamott told a story in Operating Instructions about a cat that a friend had that was sick and lying in a puddle.

Concerned people worried for the cat. “Shouldn’t we take it to the vet?”

But one smart person prevailed: “No. If you attempt to move the cat, it will die. It is doing what it needs to do. Just let it lay in the puddle.”

I feel like last year I just had to lie in the puddle. And maybe now I’m starting to take care of myself again and come out of the puddle.

It’s nice and safe in the puddle though. There is comfort in just lying on John’s dirty kitchen floor too drunk to move. I am starting to understand, for the first time, Heather’s fear of success—and of even trying for fear of failure.

Inertia is such a powerful, evil thing.


  1. I hear that. Well said.

    It can be a relief when life gives you the kick in the ass you need to move forward.

  2. Hello Jay. Nice to see you again.