Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I can tell that I need to take the rest of the week to re-charge. My life is usually pretty social and filled with people. It's hard not to be when you live with four other people. But I think I need to take advantage of the kids being with their father and some friends being out of town and just kind of retreat and take some time to replenish. I woke up today feeling a little spent, like I've been giving out too many bits of myself without  making sure I have reserves. I can tell that I need some time alone because I keep thinking about getting back in bed. I don't need a nap. I need time to myself. So, I think I'm going to shut off my chat programs and retreat a little bit.


  1. I hope you get as much as you need!

    For a long time I lived in the mountains because it was easier to get away from people. I'd rather be rural than urban, but doing that without a car may be a challenge.

  2. You should totally read this:

  3. I love the little photo of Grand Marais - and you know I'm retiring there, yes?

    But I don't dare look at how cold it is up there on the lake right now. If we're going to get to down to zero, and the TC are going down to 10 below - you KNOW it's got to be cold on the big lake.

    Those are tough people, and I hope I'm up to it.

  4. Hah! Only 16 below - but up to 2 feet of snow this weekend!

    I hope your rest is a deep one, and refreshing.

    I think my vacation is just about done.