Thursday, March 4, 2010


Earlier today, I got an email from a friend that made me realize that I'm writing this blog in shorthand sometimes. I [erroneous monkly] think that everyone has not only read Jenorama, but that you also realize when I am referencing things from 2008. Oops. I do this with Dereck frequently, and I often find myself saying, "Oh, you mean you can't read my mind?"

I find that inconvenient. However, I am willing to admit it is not his failing. I often also find myself saying, "For someone who earns a living communicating, how do I manage to do this so badly?" Obviously, I need an editor. But I would rather have a housekeeper.

I also expect you as, y'all or you all, not only to understand that the word erroneous above reminded me of Thelonius Monk, because the words rhyme (except for the "r" and the "l" of course, unless you are my friend John, in which case, they *do* rhyme perfectly), but I further expect you to then make the jump to MTV's Tabitha Soren not knowing who Thelonius Monk was. She then asked presidential candidate Bill Clinton who "the loneliest monk" was. [Also rhymes with with erroneous and Thelonius... are we following*? Lost? Sometimes, I think I must be the loneliest monk because my brain makes these leaps, like Sam Beckett, all by itself and all alone. It is times like this that I miss Karl the most, because he was usually leaps AHEAD of me, and for some reason, our brains sort of worked the same way sometimes].

What on earth did we do without hyperlinks? Ah, yes. We did not blog.

Would you believe that I haven't actually clarified anything yet? Yes? Okay. Without further ado:

1) The grant from hell was the 934-page monster I wrote during 2008. Its submission coincided with the death of my best friend. The two have merged as one terrible even in my mind.

2) The roof that is failing is actually a bit over our TV room, but mostly in the studio behind our house, that I use for as an office. That houses PAPER and COMPUTERS, neither of which like water. But the studio roof was repaired before the house roof, and by another company. The company that then fixed the house roof (also in Fall of 2008) managed to ruin the studio roof by tromping and dragging shit all over it while fixing the house roof. So, now, we have ceiling tiles that are sagging beneath the weight of so much water, like huge zits, and then exploding all over the place.

I go out there and stare underneath them and am sorely tempted to lance them like boils, but I really don't want to deal with the mess. Clearly, though, something needs to be done. And whatever needs to be done will cost monies. Le sigh.

3) The Mac has NOT, in fact, failed. It may, however, be epileptic. Time will tell. In the meantime, have decided to go ahead and get the Dell so when/if the Mac *does* fail, I won't have to wait 2 weeks for a computer. Truthfully, the Mac will probably get turned over to the kids or maybe even sold...

Clear as mud? ;)


*Last night in the car, Tommy asked us to remind him quickly of the definition of a noun, verb, adjective, and adverb. We told him, and then Sam started talking about gerunds and participles, and I said, "No! Don't give him more than he asked for. You will just confuse him."

Sam: "Pronouns, prepositions...:

Me: "To Infinitive... And Beyond!" And to my complete joy, Sam burst out laughing hysterically. That's my boy. 


  1. Yes, thanks for the clarifications. You know what happens when you ASSUME. Scott likes to say that to me a lot.

  2. "The lonliest monk." HAHahahahahaha... On MTV? So she was, like, some sort of arts reporter? Nope, couldn't expect her to know Thelonius Monk was, then.

  3. The Tabitha Soren bit cracks me up.

    Also, I'm so just like you with the, "What, you haven't been following along with the stuff in my head?"

  4. This is one of my favorite blog posts I've ever written, because it is quintessential Jen.