Monday, January 11, 2010

The Adam and Eve poems

Flat Back on a Razor

like digits
a zipper seamed
up her chest
Eve dies

first   she lies
in leaves
naked he wants to
touch her he
touches her
and waits for

air he licks her
hair with his
fingers and bends
and bows and shots!
he claws her breasts

he thinks
he can peel
the stitches back
and crawl inside


Adam Undertaker

The first cut is hardest
you flinch
but she just lies there
never bleeding, lies

in sunlight, arms
quiet at her sides
her hair is so long!
spread over the grassy floor
it has become part of.

These are the days without
marble slabs, pre-

What is it like? Take something
sharp like tooth or
white like bone.
Start at the throat.

Cut her all the way down
to her... well
she doesn't have a navel.
Lungs    breast plate   heart
lie under skin dark
from a lifetime in gardens.

You stand there
bone in hand (or tooth)
and shake your head.
How do you spread the skin apart?

Ask the questions
men will ask.
Which rib is yours?
How can you tell and will you
ever get it back?


Reduced From

The fact is
Eve never really liked
gardens.  Even before

high school biology
taught us
slice a worm in ten parts

and you have ten worms
each perfectly capable of
reminding her. Snake

no more, they turn
everything to dirt: apple
beans and leaves.   They show her

with every
slice of her space
what they can reduce

her to.

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