Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This week has been chock full of both drama and melodrama. Enough to choke a herd of elephants. And I am quite ready for it to be over.


  1. Maybe it's a planetary alignment thing and all our weeks suck. On Monday Loren failed his Algebra 2 final, meaning he also failed the semester. And our big dog tried to eat Mousie, now he has a neck full of staples.
    Chin up and all that. Many hugs to you. Hope it gets better.

  2. I'm awfully sorry. In our house - when we've had a week of drama - we try to look around and say "At least there is no blood on the floor." That's my idea of a week well-survived.

    Doesn't always cheer us up - but sometimes it works surprisingly well.

    Here's to a long weekend and a peaceful one for you! I'll take one too - hold the onions.