Sunday, October 10, 2004

Thoughts From The Coast

Yesterday, I drove to Kansas City and got on a plane and flew toFlorida.

Heh, I know, I know you already knew that. And my internet wouldn't work earlier. Well, I didn't try the internet last night.

I called my Nebraskafriend so we could have our dinner to talk about writing projects (shehas many) and we ended up eating in the hotel restaurant. Let me back up.

Florida is hot.

And we got off the plane and walked and walked and then waited andwaited for the Enterprise bus to come and take us to the Enterprise Office. There were other buses parked in our bus's spot.

Jen: "Everytime I look up and see that bus, it Hertz."

Jane: "Oh, that is terrible!"

I see another bus go by. "I thought I was being Thrifty."

Jane: "Just not very Enterprising."

Sure fired way to get a bus to come is to light up a smoke, so after 20 minutes, I did, and sure enough, there it was. Of course, it didn't stop for us, so we had to pick up bags and run over to it, with all the other passengers. By the time we got done at Enterprise and to the hotel, it was 6:30.

So, Naomi and I sit down at a table that hit us at mid-chest, so we felt like we were in Alice in Wonderland. The waitress, Afaf from Morocco (with whom I bonded many hours later over a cigarette), askedus if we'd like cocktail.


Let's say we did not exactly talk shop. The prices at that restaurant were astounding. We chattered about many things and it seemedrather a good idea to continue to order chocolate martinis. By the time we left, I was falling down drunk. I scarce know how I got back to my room, set an alarm, took out my contacts, and took my medication. Naomi called me to make sure I'd gotten back,. made sure I had stopped in the lobby to get a wakeup call, and reminded me totake out my contacts and take my anti-depressant. She also told me to drink 8 or 9 glasses of water. I drank four or five, but I am convinced that that is the reason I was not hungover this morning.

I was quite possibly still drunk.

I hit the snooze button for a longtime, and got to my workshop about a half hour late-- they had been doing introductions the whole time, so I didn't miss anything. And I left early this afternoon-- it was startlingly redundant.

The hotel is not posh. It is located in the middle of a bunch of strip malls and restaurants like TGIFridays. And a Harley Davidson shop. The hotel is not swank. The carpet is lime green and the rooms smell musty. The bedspreads are thin fare such as you would find at a red roof. I have stayed at nicer Holiday Inns. But it just cracks me up more than anything else. I'll still take it.

And now, I will take me a nap.

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