Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Apply. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

I only have one cigarette left. This not good, people (not that anybody is reading this but me, because nobody is commenting, but, hey, even though today is a day when I particularly need email and comments, and I ain't gettin' any, that's okay), because this is a day designed to make people crazy.

Our entire institution got out at noon today. Except my department. My boyfriend got home last night (see post below this) and he has the entire day off, so he is at home alone, without me. He is making split pea soup for dinner.

To make matters worse, everyone here has been sending around emails detailing their availability to work all weekend (except tomorrow, so wow, we get one day off).

It wouldn't be so bad if I was feverishly busy. But this has been the structure of my day:

check email. no email.

go and ask writing partner if there is anything i can do.

no. sit tight.

go downstairs and pee.

go to meeting with project director and freak her out.

go downstairs and pee.

sit and compare rationale and methodology section and decide which quotes support what we wrote.

go sit in office. check email. no email.

check ebay. look at orthodox crosses again. don't bid on or watch anything.

go ask writing partner if there is anything i can do.

no. sit tight.

writing partner brings me eight pages to go over with red pen.

go over eight pages with red pen.

give back to writing partner.

go downstairs and pee.

check email.

instant message karl and alienate him.

do a little online thinking about gifts for boyfriend.

check email.

check blog. no comments.

check other blogs. no new updates.

are we the only people who exist on the planet up here?

go down stairs and pee.

get eight more pages to go over with red pen.

decide that i need to do this electronically. seek and obtain permission to do it in a separate file.

make changes.

return changes to writing partner.

And you know what I am going to do now?

That's right.

Go downstairs and pee.

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