Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Blog It Forward

Because I found out about Blog It Forward from Kathy, I thought I would pick her first. I first discovered Kathy Howe, who boldly puts forth her first and last name wherever she goes, when reading Philip's blog. And then one day, after seeing her name in the comments forever, I just impulsively clicked on it, and have been reading her ever since.

Even though I write really long posts, I like Kathy's blog because her posts are really short! I know, I'm a hypocrite (I like blogs with long posts too). And she is no-nonsense, and funny, but most importantly, she is just a caring human being and if we lived in the same city, I would want to be her best friend.

Next in the blog roll... I am going to pick the Highland Farm blog tonight, because it's Dereck's father's blog, and I'm really proud of him for maintaining a blog for so long. Dereck's folks retired to a working farm in Pennsylvania, and raise long-haired cows. I should remember their real name (oh! Highland cattle). And Tom write a whimsical blog about life on the farm, life in their small community, the neighbors, helping others, calves who won't latch on, cows who eat too much nightshade and die, etc. It is an eloquent blog, remniscent of a simpler time-- which is actually occurring, right now.

That is my blog it forward. I have to go look at Kathy's blog to see how much longer we play.

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