Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Happy Birthday, DAD!

Today is my father's birthday (I'll call you later, Daddy), and all he wants for his birthday is a new president.

Well, Dad, I'm doing my best.

This morning, I realized that I have a meeting (well, it's training for a NetMeeting program, that I have for two hours a morning every day this week! Argh-- I hope I can get other stuff done during it, because that cuts into my time a little too much) this morning from 10-12, putting a damper on the whole voting/lunch plans.

So, we got the kids dressed and went and voted and then took them to breakfast at Hardees. They let me take the kids into my little booth for me, and each kid got to actually push the pin through for a candidate.

Don't worry: I handled the presidential vote myself.

Before we went, I gathered them in the living room for just a wee mini talk about how important this is and how lucky we are to live in a country where we have the right to vote.

Christian grew obstinate this morning and loudly declared his support for Bush as we left the voting place. Thanks, Chris.

Liza was right-- there were lines this morning! And the best part about that was that the majority of people there this morning were college students. So, the lines didn't bother me a bit.

My children, ah bless them. They were noisily declaring as we voted, "Now, you voted for Kerry, right?"

Good thing we don't live in Ohio, or I might have gotten thrown out.

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