Thursday, November 18, 2004

Would you take a class from this guy my ex-husband?

"So, about my ex-wife..."

An informative class, at times. But for the money, I am angry that I was forced to sit through HOURS of stray topics and his complaints and such about his ex wife, girlfriend, current girlfriend, etc. Ok, so he likes to brag about his investments, ok, so he is obviously sexist, ok, so he thinks he is cool. But he has no business wasting time on those things. He tries to make class fun, and at times it is, but he rarely acts professional or informative. The reviews about his egotism are true. My #1 beef? That he makes openly sexist remarks and encourages conversations about what's wrong with women and such. If arrogance or sexism bugs you, or if you find an older white man trying to be a black teenager insulting to your race/intellegence, take another class.

Avoid at All Costs

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Not for everyone, but a lot of fun

Mark made it clear right off what he expected. The tests are hard. Come to class if you want. This isn't his first priority and he doesn't expect it to be ours either. Some days he has multiple personalities, but our class had great discussion of all sorts of issues (always keep a copy of the Index on hand). He is by far my most entertaining professor, though that of course means some don't like his sense of humor. I like him and the class would be horribly boring without him.

what were they thinking when they gave him tenure?

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I wouldn't waste my time with him

While he does make class somewhat interesting, which is hard considering the topic, he is not a great teacher. He spends most of the time talking about stuff that has no relevance to the class. Most of his views can be very irritating. So, unless you are his favorite don't expect him to help you all that much. I was .4 points away from an A and he gives me a B because he said he couldn't find the extra points. It wouldn't make me that mad except that he curved for others, nevermind I was the only person that showed up to class everyday.

terrible teacher

Dr. H is very opinionated and he shares these views with everyone in the class. Then he tries to convince you of these points of view and/or beliefs and then doesn't lecture over anything important. What does he really talk about all day anyway? If you don't share these same views and/or beliefs, he makes comments that are intended to make you feel inferior. Besides physically stinking when he came to class, the non-important lectures and exams that covered material neither from the book nor lecture, the project that was assigned was really good. You just had to do a research project. He gave you feedback on that, which was helpful for the final draft. But no, nothing "experimental" about the class.

Hard to please

He makes lectures interesting although he often cuts down people in the class. His tests are extremely difficult. You can study for hours think you know it all, and still pull nothing higher than a C. On his essay portion if you do not have the exact terminology and everything he thinks is important contained within it you will not receive higher than a 3/10 on his essays. He is hard, but I wouldn't reccommend him for a student not willing to work, and even if they do work expect a high grade in the class.

Be Cafeful with the H-Bomb

Every teacher has his or her quirks. Mark H, or H-Bomb, definitely has his. I guarantee you'll like his dynamic personality after the first few weeks of class. His lectures are laid back and easy to participate in. After a while, his true arrogant nature comes out. I despise the guy, but that's just me -- he's one of those egocentric profs who thinks he can do whatever he wants because he has tenure (and he said that, too). Two words to do well in his class: suck up. There's no shame in it. His lectures are easy going but it gets serious when it comes to tests. Study the book, people. You didn't pay 68 dollars for it to sit in your bookshelf. Also, he has two projects, which seem easy, but you BETTER not procrastinate or you will be burned (meaning you'll stay up the night before), I guarantee it. In summary: supercilious prof, but don't procrastinate and you'll be fine.


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