Tuesday, November 9, 2004

A Mental Health Day

Yesterday I was sitting in my office and I got a call from Christian's teacher. He had had a bad day, and she wanted to know if I could shed any light.

He has been having a bad couple of weeks. I explained some things I had observed, and left work to go get him, and told his teachers that he would be staying home with me today. Christian needed a mental health day.

And I think he has enjoyed it immensely.

He is very hard on himself, and he has had his share of 8-year-old stressors lately: all of the ants in his ant farm died. He has had French tutoring once a week, and he does not like it. And his father told the kids that he loves Jesus more than anything-- even them.

The last one was, of course, my personal favorite.

So, I explained to Christian that the ONLY way his father CAN love Jesus is to love the boys more than anything. And that that was what his lead-tongued, lame-brained, self-centered, pious-assed father meant.

So, today we walked up to campus to get a nine-minute video about ants. We filled out a new order form for more ants. We went to Ponderosa for lunch (his idea! I haven't been there in years).

And in the middle of all of this, I reviewed a grant and then an essay and sent off my corrections.

Words words words! Gah! How sick I am of words!

Dereck is going to a conference the weekend of the 19th. Mark is taking the kids to Cleveland for Thanksgiving that weekend as well. So, what's a girl on her own to do?

Go on a retreat, of course. Yesterday Liza and I called Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey to see if they had any availability that weekend, and today Sister Carol left me a message that they did.

So, I'm goin' on a retreat.

A silent retreat.

Okay, stop laughing right now. I can do it.

In the meantime, our sitter cancelled for tonight. I worked out and peeked at General Hospital today for the first time since I was pregnant with Tommy (seven years ago) (and nothing has changed). My roots are growing in with a vengeance, so I am thinking of coloring my greasy hair. And Before Sunset is out on video, so I'm gonna see if I can have me a date. There is potroast in the crock pot, and it was a warm, beautiful day.

Thank you again so much for your cheers for Devon-- I told his mother (my ex-sister-in-law, technically, but she and my brother are living together again and now have three kids, but my dad wants me to be accurate about who I call sister-in-law), Heather, and she was moved to tears.

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