Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Worse than a Red Tent...

Wow, if I had had any choice about coming into work this week, I would have stayed far far away. The tension here is worse than the PMS in a Red Tent from ancient times.

It is a good thing my writing partner is a gentle soul-- but today she has the responsibility of assembling this huge nightmare into one seamless whole for our PI to read by 4:00 today. So, I am trying to find articles and quotes she needs to help her, and generally stay the hell out of the way.

Yesterday, I deliberately yanked the chain of one of my co-workers because I knew she was just hopping mad, and I am lucky I got out of here last night with my head still attached to my body.

I feel so bad for my writing partner, but she has the greater experience, and only one person can do what she is doing now. Sigh.

Dereck is coming back today. While he has been gone, and since the kids have been gone, I have been on full pet patrol, taking the dog for all of her walks, making sure the little spoiled kitties get their canned food at the appropriate whiny moments (and slicing my finger open in the process). And last night, I took out the garbage, and realized at 11:00 p.m. that I had to drag the 20 bags of yard waste from the side yard to the front curb.

As much as you try to take care of the things your partner usually handles, there is inevitably going to be one thing, one significant detail, that you overlook.

And I realized yesterday, to my horror, that in the time Dereck has been gone, I had not fed the fish... So, I flipped on the light to their tank, and there they all were, gasping at me with their little fishy faces, and so I fed them, and they seemed grateful.

I have noticed that Mr. Kitty, who when Dereck is here plants himself nightly on my legs so I can't stretch out nor move, has not slept with me at all. Hmm.... So, it is not just that he loves MY legs, it is that he does not want to inconvenience Dereck. Well, I'm on to him now.

Saw Bridget Jones last night, and I didn't love it. It was a flat out, watered down imitation of the first movie, and excuse me, I don't care if the character is supposed to be overweight, do you have to make her hair and face look so awful? Renee Zellweger is an attractive woman-- and I suspect that Bridget, if she actually existed, would be pissed if she saw what they had done with her hair. Ugh.

And Hugh? Babe, you know I love you. But your face is collapsing.

Wow, being in this building has just made me catty as all hell.

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