Wednesday, June 9, 2004

All I Ever Needed to Know I Stole From Pie...

Mind Hump for Hump Day

My excuse is if I wasn't doing this, I'd have to actually fold the laundry. And no one wants that.

01. You are a source of light. What are you and why?

I'm a Shabbat candle, and I'm melting pretty fast because the ceiling fan is on.

02. There's a huge neon sign above your head everywhere you go ... what is it flashing?

Loud and Coarse

03. If you could be anyone's blog, whose would you be and why? (Provide a link to that blog)Pie's because then I would have an original thought.

04. If you could have a vanity phone number, what would it be and what would it spell?


05. Look around you .... name two odd things in your vicinity and explain why they are there.I'm in my kitchen. It's odd to hear children's voices wafting in through the window because they are my children, and they are actually outside playing with other children rather than plugged into electronica.

What else? There is a moss-covered toy tiger in the poor fish tank. The kids never played with it, but they were mad as hell when I drowned it.


  1. Just came to read the mind hump! Great answers!

  2. Inquiring minds want to see a photo of this tiger, so they can set it as wallpaper at work and get reprimanded...

  3. Eh, original thought is overrated. Or underappreciated. Or so I keep telling myself to explain why no one visits my blog. Denial is a beautiful thing. ;)

    - Pie

  4. What are you talking about? I go there all the time.