Thursday, June 10, 2004


This is for you. Thank you, Beth! (And also for validating my feelings about the Alias finale).

Last night we saw In America, which was really tremendous. The little girl actresses were dumbfounding. Is there anything that older girl can't do? But the little one, oh my goodness.

Speaking of which, I impulsively invited our little neighbor girl to go to Harry Potter with us the other night (man, if I were 13, I'd have a serious crush on Daniel Radcliffe-- he is such jailbait, but oh my!). I love our little neighbor girl. Her mom goes out of town for grad school during the week (I love the mom too) and so LG (little girl) comes over often to play. She is Tommy's age, 6. And she had already seen the movie, but she came with us anyway. She was a great barometer for when it was time to tell the kids to close their eyes because I'd hear her little voice say, "Oh, I don't LIKE this part..." And eventually I invited her to sit with me so she could bury her little face in my neck. My kids were unperturbed by the dementors-- they ain't got nothin' on those ringwraiths from Lord of the Rings.

I am the only adult I know who actually liked Danie... er, Harry Potter and it must be because Dan... I haven't read the books for four years...


  1. Oh, I love Harry Potter! I saw it for the second time tonight with Karl, Angela, Vickie, Taylor, and Angela's nephew Michael. Everyone dressed up but me because Karl told me last night we weren't dressing up. They got prizes and everything. Too bad we didn't get pictures! And yes, Daniel Radcliffe is a little cutie!

  2. Are you Jonesing for somthin?

  3. I like Harry Potter. And Daniel is a cutie. You can occasionally glimpse in him the man who he will eventually be. The guy who plays Ron is not bad, either. But my favorite was the guy who played the Gryffindor quiddich team captain in the first and second movies. Yummy Scottish accent!

  4. Oh, yeah Wood is cool. But Emma Watson stole my heart in the first movie and won't give it back. When she breaks into that smile it's like sunshine.