Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Phew, CA called tonight and is excited about my pending visit to Seattle. I am staying with her, though I do have a hotel reservation for the nights before my seminar.

We will go and use the hotel gym. I got an email confirmation from the hotel today-- pretty sweet!

I will just knock on wood and say that this has been a very productive week and I'm proud.

We were tired after dinner, and there were kids in our bed watching a video, so we thought, we'll go crawl into Christian's. Well, we found out that he wet his bed last night. So, we crawled onto Tommy's single mattress on the floor and within moments, I was asleep. We woke up in time for practice, dropped them off to practice batting in Ray Miller Elementary gym, and then went to Wal-mart. I got some stuff to try fixing my bathing suit, and three hats (two floppy, one Gilligan, which is orange and flowery, and I am wearing it as I type).

I was so tired and groggy after my nap. We bought some chocolate milk at the store, which I sorely needed. Caloric intake today: slimfast; starbucks cappucino; water; scone from Liza; slimfast; tortilla chips and guacamole before dinner; one piece of pizza and two chicken wings; one half beer. And half the chocolate milk, which got taken over by Tommy, who was crying when we went to pick him up because he thought we'd abandoned him (we weren't even the last ones there!).

Christian latched onto the abandonment idea with glee and planned out staying up all night and hiding from Sam in the morning.

I would have sworn to you that the kids would have played the reverse roles to each other, but they surprised me.

I walked into the kitchen when we got home, and then it happened. I was suddenly AWAKE. Last night I also napped, and at 1:30 in the morning I was hopping around the bedroom chanting, "I'm awake I'm awake I'm awake!" while a drowsy Dereck watched me from the bed.

I can tell that this is probably in our future as well as our past...

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  1. Bahaha that's funny... Oddly enough I was wide awake myself late last night and driving Rob nuts while he was trying to sleep. Eventually he kicked me out of bed, the bastard. ;)

    - Pie