Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Name That Dog!

If you scroll down, you will see pictures of the new, beloved puppy. As you will see, because none of you stepped up, I had to talk myself out of two dogs all by myself. They were cute and they were wonderful, but the idea of training two dogs slightly terrified me. I had visions of being overwhelmed and outnumbered not only by little boys, and not only by felines, but also of being overwhelmed by two energetic and cute little dogs.

There were two families lined up at the shelter just begging for one of those dogs, so we told a very grateful couple that they could have the lighter of the two dogs. Our dog is a little redder, and we also noticed that of the pair, ours was the one who didn't bark, and in the six and a half hours of dog ownership I have heard her bark only once. A short little bark at that.

She is in the living room with Dereck, but as you might have surmised from these pictures, she came with us to the baseball game (she is great in the car) and the kids loved her.

But they and we cannot figure out a name. Karl says just to wait and let the name present itself, and of course we will, but I thought I'd also put it out there for the blogging community.

Here are the names we like so far:









The children are fighting vehemently between Goldie and Sandy.

What names are we missing? When you look at this dog, what name speaks to you? You will please note that the dog is the picture with the caption beneath that says, "Dog." It is not the picture whose caption reads, "Jenorama."


  1. The dog's name is obviously Ginger. It's a beautiful name for a very nice lookin' pup. However, good luck getting past the kids with that one, if they're fighting over Sandy and Goldie.

    So who is that in the photo marked Jenorama? Surely that isn't The Jen herself, it doesn't look much like you.

  2. I'd go with Ginger as well. We always named our animals after old time movie stars...Ginger (as in Rogers), I really like...

  3. I am going to be the oddball - I think that this is Alex.

    Z from Jewview

  4. She looks like Lana Turner! Hedy Lamarr! Rita Hayworth!

  5. I'm going to have to vote for Sahara. No particular reason, I just like it.

    Adorable puppy, by the way! Congrats on your new family member =)

    - Pie

  6. This kid has Charlie written all over her.