Wednesday, June 30, 2004


I have been going out to our local shelter every day. After the first night, we talked about the dogs we had seen. I liked a rottweiler/collie mix, but everyone says don't do that. So, after listening to that from various sources (the most compelling argument award goes to: Liza!), I decided against that. And the hounds, still there, still cute, still would hunt the cats, and bay all day.

So, yesterday I bribed Dereck with lunch and dragged him out again. Yesterday there was a retriever puppy, cream, good disposition, but on hold for five days while they wait for the owner to come and find him. That seems incredibly likely, so we thought, we'll come back Monday and see if he's still there, but we weren't holding our breath.

Today, I finished a report, and didn't leave for lunch til most everyone else had gone and returned. I got out there, and there were two copper-colored pups. I told them, "Well, let's go see what you are."

They are pure-bred golden retrievers, with papers and shots. Obviously brought in by breeders, who denied it. The woman at the shelter thought of me immediately, because I've told her what I want (I have three kids and four cats-- some kind of dog who will fit in), and she liked me because I was coming back and taking my time. But I didn't leave my name and number; I had told her I'd be back today, and she believed me. They were brought in maybe ten minutes before I got there, she said.

Technically, they can't be adopted til tomorrow morning (I don't know why, shelter regulations), but she said there was a possibility of it happening today. Regardless, I told her Dereck and I would be back at 3:30.

And naturally, I want them both. So, you have one hour and ten minutes to talk me out of it.

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