Monday, June 14, 2004

The Wee Hours of the Morning

It is early Monday morning. I have one kid with a sore throat, another in the tub, and one more with no signs of stirring soon. So, I'm going to work from home this morning (it is not yet time to go to work) until we figure out whether we are dealing with allergies or something else.

This weekend was pretty great, three baseball games not withstanding.

Friday was my furlough day, so we stayed home and I got the challah made. D took the kids to Garfield, so Liza and I went and worked out for an hour (yay for us!).

Then she and the kids came over for a lovely dinner of salmon with asparagus sauce, salad, wild rice, and of course, challah. The children, all six of them ages 4-10, were absolutely silent while they ate. It was that good. They all enjoyed the Shabbat service and I had candles for everyone, even the papa overseas (not in Iraq, studying!).

Then we sat around and talked and the children watched The Wizard of Oz until ten or so. D and I had made noises about staying up later, but we pretty much turned into sleeping people within the half hour.


Saturday went like this. Rise a little too late, hustle kids into uniforms. Ever since Tommy and our adopted daughter from next door cleaned his room, we have had a heck of a time finding baseball uniforms, but we managed.

It wasn't too too hot yet and there were pleasant people to talk with. Tommy hit the ball very well, but it always went foul and he was upset. Christian just doesn't try very hard.

Came home from that game, and even though it wasn't too too hot, I was wiped out and went back to bed for two hours, just in time to get up for the next game, but not in time to feed kids lunch. So, Dereck said he'd bring lunch up separately. Get to game, and it was HOT. It didn't take me long to figure out that the little kids couldn't stay in that heat and then go play their game right after. So, I called D and cancelled lunch, and took the kids home, fed them lunch. I changed into a shirt with sleeves so I wouldn't fry (didn't matter, frying was soon to come anyway) and then I went back to the game and D brought the little ones up later.

We discovered the joys of sitting under an umbrella. It makes an incredible difference.

Sam's team always loses because the ten year olds are just learning how to pitch, but he did a good job at third base anyway.

The little ones won their game-- they always win and are amazing fielders-- and then we all went out to the lake to swim.

We went out to a N.O.W. benefit Saturday night which ended up being too loud, so we went down stairs and chatted with Christine. And then for the second time in my long career at MY watering hole, my ex-spouse came in, so we finished our drinks and left.


Brunch with friends, and then baseball practice (just among ourselves) at the playground nearby. Christian made vast improvements and was good-spirited.

Then, back to the lake, where I fried. Liza and kids met us there for the second day in a row, and then they all came back to our house for dinner after. It was lovely-- these are the days that make me feel like I have a summer vacation-- they stretch out forever involve lots of sun and good friends and little kids and good food.

Then we watched the season premiere of Six Feet Under (eh) and went to bed.

Now it is time to pour some coffee and get started. Cheers.


  1. OK I did the tests. I am Schindlers list and Bill Clinton (social chameleon). I have no idea what this means.
    I do know however, that my emotional/metal state is quickly deteriorating.
    Aren't you glad you're coming?!
    What email address should I use for simple and direct communicae?


    Now you're scaring me.