Friday, June 4, 2004

Shalom shabbat

I met Barbara for a two hour lunch today to discuss Torah study and lots of other things (including Jewish views on abortion!).

At one point, we were finding in the Torah where to start studying from, and a man approached us and asked if that was a Torah and we started chatting. He asked us what we were doing. We said we were studying the Torah together. He asked us what prompted this and Barbara said, "We're Jewish."

It turns out he is Jewish as well (I figured) and here for graduation (ding ding) and the VP of his temple in Illinois. We had a lovely chat. That was very fun.

My menorahs came from Israel today! I don't know where I will find candles teeny enough for them (Dereck said, "Birthday candles.")

I have been cleaning all afternoon for Shabbat (Believe me the house needed it!). I have some vacuuming to do, and the challah to finish, and then baseball to head to. Where did the day go?

I am staying home tomorrow morning and taking some time for study and me. I just want to sit quietly in my house. Of course, there is also baseball at 9 a.m.



  1. was it doctor goldman by any chance? I saw him perform magic last night! It was magical--robin

  2. Are you Jewish or what? I took it before that you seemed so angry about the whole religious thing I wasn't sure what was going on. I guess then I should ask, is my brother Jewish?

    I am not. I am yogish.

  3. It was Dr. Goldman! I knew he was speaking, but didn't know it was magical.

    Amy, I'm converting to Judaism. Dereck is "along for the ride."

  4. Is it possible to sit quietly in one's house with children dwelling therein? :)

  5. Yes, when one's children are at their father's house :).

  6. Jen,

    There's a store in columbia that sells menorah candles. Cool Stuff. That's it's name. And it has Jewish holiday cards, too. And other cool stuff.

  7. They do have little tiny Hannukah candles you can buy that are similar to birthday candles. I always seem to have about 3 boxes in the back of the cupboard. Mostly because we always forget to light ours. We don't really celebrate the holidays, but my parents bought us a beautiful gold and silver menorah the year we got married, so I just like to look at it ;)