Thursday, July 1, 2004

Dog Questions!

We still don't have a name because I haven't been home for us to talk about it. I don't know whether Dereck has any inclinations or not, but right now I'm torn between Sadie and Savannah. I still like Ginger and Goldie too. Chardonnay is a really cool idea! I think Dereck may really like that too. We will try a few out on her. I just called her Gracie last night in the car without even realizing what I was doing, so maybe that is a sign. So many good names, and only one wee little dog!

I've been reading about crate training, and my friend Christine is letting us borrow her crate (her golden retriever is a grownup now). She did do really well for her bath, furthering my suspicions that she came from a breeder. Her nails have also been clipped. We are already gently letting her know what is okay and not okay to chew on/have in her mouth. We need to get up at night and let her out. I didn't know that last night, so she soiled her carrier, and I felt dreadful in the morning, but she didn't seem traumatized. But I don't want that to happen again. That is what led to the bath.

So, how many times per night should we let her out to poop? How often do they have to poop? She is eleven weeks old. The only time she barked was when she was outside and I went in for a minute without her and she couldn't find me. She loves us so much already. When i was drying my hair, she lay down in the bathroom with her paw on my foot, and squeezed under the fence to follow when I left for work!!! So, we need to get a long lead for her until she is too big to do that.

I am anxious at work, have been calling Dereck all day to see how she is doing.

The cats, I may have said this already, are intrigued. They were ALL outside in the yard last night checking her out, even Sprite, who NEVER goes out. And Sprite didn't hiss from her spot on the bed when the dog was in the bedroom with me this morning. They just seem strangely interested. I think they don't feel threatened because she is very submissive and she is not a cat, and she is smaller than two of them!!! (Not for long). So, right now, they are in a very good place. And I think she would like to be friends with them, and I think pretty soon, she will hang out with the boys. Boone kitty was really looking for reassurance last night, which I gladly provided.

We are going camping with her this weekend: What do I need to know?

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  1. My cat's name is Gracie! She got the name because when I first got her some kids had gotten ahold of her and she was pretty beaten up with a gash over her eye and a back back leg. So my first response upon seeing her was, "Well way to go Grace." And the name stuck.