Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Drawing 101

Here is a sample of what I did on Erev Yom Kippur.

No, it's not me-- I copied it out of the drawing book. Like it said to. (Stop snickering, I know it's bad-- that's the point!)

Last night, Liza came over with permanent hair dye, and I had some magenta to fix.

Four hours later...

We had both dyed our hair a lighter color and NOTHING happened.

So, with wet, dark heads, we went to Walmart and bought more dye. Lighter dye.

We put that on our heads. A little something happened.

I put highlights on Liza, and I was so tired, I should have insisted on the cap for what she wanted, I should have kept the bleach on longer.

She got lovely chunks, but too red for her taste, too chunky. So, this morning, she bought dark brown and colored over.

I ended up with what Liza called "Titian" hair, which I highlighted very quickly, dragging the green instrument through my hair.

I have not had time to think about it today. I have two puppies home today coughing their little allergy brains out. The school called to leave a message that they did not know where the children were. Apparently, they also called the children's father.

I called the school and said, "Why, they are with me their mother, because they need more rest and they are coughing and snuffling."

Then the phone rang, and it was their father.

Did I keep them home because of the coughing (bingo! this has been going on for awhile)? Yes. Are you going to call the doctor? No. Do you have medicine? Yes. Is the other child at school?


Let me tell you, if I did not in fact know where my children were when I got that phone message, it would have completely freaked my shit. I am surprised the ex did not freak on me. What happened to the golden days of my youth? Child stays home, next day, parent sends a note.

She writes as for the second time she sneezes all over the screen and keyboard.

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