Wednesday, September 1, 2004

A Flurry of Excitement

Well, actually got the kids out of the house by 7:30 a.m. and my clothes were ironed and my hair even kinda sorta looked okay.

Last night was karaoke, of course, and Sam asked me, "How do you get up so early if you stay up so late?"

The answer of course is coffee. But I will crash later.

I think I'm cutting Wendy's hair and doing highlights tonight. Wendy leads us in karaoke. She has been talking about cutting her looooooooong hair all summer, so last night I finally just went over and offered to do it. Straight across, just a trim, some blond highlights for dimension (no cap for this chick-- we'll comb it on) and she would really like just a little layering in the front.

Aren't I ambitious?

It will be fine. At least that is what I told her husband, Tim, who will be accompanying her to make sure I don't screw it up.

Lunch Hour

Choices, choices... Eat, work out, or get my nails done?

Well, get my nails done, of course! (Liza, get off the internet, I have tried to call you three billion times). I got a french mani done, so my nails are clacking away, but this time it's much easier to get used to. The woman who did them even painted an extra design on my ring finger nails (well, cause I asked her to). Angela made appointments for us to get our hair done Saturday afternoon.

Now, if those dressed would just come today, I'd be all set. I don't have a matching purse, but I do have a purse shaped like a corset, which will be appropriate for this crowd. All of us jokingly (or not so jokingly) talk about gifting the bride and groom with either lap dances or porn.

The yogurt I put in the car this morning was pretty near to boiling by the time I got my nails done, so I stuck it in the fridge. I'll eat it here in a bit, and let you know if it kills me.


Long sigh... Tommy's reading assessment was, and I quote, "Shockingly low, given his intelligence." So, we have a meeting tomorrow morning to strategize for him. Damn, would it be too hard to have more than just one of my kids progress normally? That was uncalled for. I am grateful that it was not a phone call about his behavior. But somehow, this is worse. Reading is very very important to both me and his father-- so this is not good. But it will be fine. He's a bright kid. Please G-d?

Good heavens, is it really Wednesday afternoon already?

Sometimes life seems really short.

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