Friday, September 17, 2004

What is the Point?

Most of the time when I have the flu, despite the chills, the aches, the pains, the time spent "looking at things" in the bathroom (that is what I tell Dereck I do in there, so shhhhhh), I do not mind because it means I can curl up in my bed with the heating pad and sometimes a book and I can just feel sorry for myself and get better.

Oh no, most of the time, I don't mind being sick. It's like an earned vacation.

But today. Okay, I admit that I've been having er... symptoms for a few days now. But they also could have been symptoms of eating things I don't usually eat. Today, I grabbed The Dash for lunch and we went to Taco Bell so we could have a quick lunch and then go to the gym.

First mistake. Can't work out after eating. I knew this.

But we went anyway. And started with weights to give food time to digest.

Then, after about 4 minutes on the elliptical trainer, I said, "I can't." And changed. He said he'd walk home. I go to van.

And I know I'm in trouble.

I decide to go home and pick him up on the way.

I went and looked at some things.

Sigh. It's definitely looking flu-like, including fatigue, aches and pains, and generally just feeling like I'm half here. Did I mention the headache and the stiff neck?

I have a little bit of a sore throat which I was blaming on allergies, but I know Liza went and had a strep test done today. I am waiting to hear if she has strep.

But what is the point? We are having a birthday party for the boss today in half an hour. I can't miss that. That is not a good political move.

Unless I email him and ask him would he like me to take my flu home with me instead of infecting his staff?

But I have children to pick up. I could get a nap first...

And then tomorrow we have two soccer games.

It's not like you get to just not do stuff when you're the mommy. Oh no. Flu or no flu, you take your chills and your tylenol, and a blanket, and you go and curl up on the soccer field and suffer there. After you have found everyone's shin guards and made sure their cleats still fit.

The flu used to be so much more fun.

But right now, I just sort of don't see the point.

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