Friday, September 10, 2004


Well, it had to be done. And I actually enjoyed it.

Last week, I went to Wal-Mart (that is the only thing we have in town, folks) and got a bunch of frames you put in file drawers, hanging file cabinets, and file folders. In nice, primary colors, to make me happy. Manila, unlike vanilla, doesn't really do it for me.

I printed out the alphabet in a font I like, and then cut out the letters and taped them to white file tabs (I don't know how to print on those things, sue me). Then, I put them into the plastic tabby things. Then, I put those onto folders, making a pattern: red, blue, yellow, red, blue, yellow.

Then I assembled the hanging file metal things for the drawers, which was not easy. I had to use the back of a spoon for a screwdriver.

Then, I put all of my files (two entire drawers' worth) into alphabetical order. I have A-L in one drawer, and M-Z in another, and every single piece of paper in this office is now appropriately filed and easy to find.

I am not an organized person, but our secretary made fun of my messy office the other day, and I was chagrined. I have a major project coming up, and I need to have an uncluttered brain for it, and a visible desk.

I haven't seen my desk in months. People are always surprised when they come into my office because the furniture is quite nice. It's the office itself that is quite small, so they always joke about that too. Hey, there are people who get hired here before they even have an office, so I'm grateful. I have my very own office. It has my name on the door. And I don't have to share it. I can close my door if I want to change my clothes after a work out. It is not a cubicle. Nobody has access to my computer except me (and the IT people).

Tonight we are going to hear a band at the Dukum Upp, that Royce has brought to town (as he does) and Mary called and she is on the road. We should just go out to eat-- she has requested cheap, and we could just order Pagliai's and have it delivered to the Dukum. Everyone is going tonight. Should be great fun. I pre-bought my tickets today at Java Co.

Then tomorrow night, a party at Taner's. Oh yes, as per usual, our weekend is booked solid. What a lucky girl I am!

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