Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Start of Fall

I realized last night during our wonderful Rosh Hashana celebration that I had arranged to take a vacation day today because I was planning to go to Columbia. And as the evening stretched onward, the children happily watching Ella Enchanted, the adults lingering at the table over decaffeinated coffee, a little Riesling, apple cinnamon coffee cake, that I didn't actually have to surrender my day off just because I wasn't going to Columbia.

Yesterday I worked from home (and reviewed a grant and went in for a meeting) and I cleaned the dining room and living room, picked up my bedroom, vacuumed, did dishes, cleared the table, put a new tablecloth on the table, made my apple challah, worked out, showered, ironed, went to work, then after my meeting, went to Walmart, got things for dinner, picked up kids, came home, made apple cinnamon coffee cake, had chai with Christine, had Sam set the table and walk the dog, chopped onion and red bell peppers and fried them up with perogies, went and got Tommy (he wanted to stay at After School longer), got more perogies from the store, came home and just wanted to fall over. Ever since starting to walk a certain canine who pulls, my right hip hurts chronically (I am sure it is arthritis!) and I was pooped.

And then our guests arrived.

We had trout with corn, carrots with butter and maple syrup and dried cherries, perogies, with asparagus (forgot to mention that), red pepper and onion, dinner rolls, apple challah. We lit candles and said prayers and passed the kiddush cup, and we ate. And we ate. And then we excused children to play and we cleared some dishes, put on some decaf, and then we ate some more, scooping eleven scoops of vanilla ice cream to go with eleven plates of apple cinnamon cake. We had dipped apples in honey.

Then we had poppers and went outside for a pinata. There were party favors, the kind kids like to blow and have unravel. I wanted it to be a celebration and I wanted the children to remember.

This morning, we all slept in and then the kids made their own lunches and I took them to school before their lunch hours. Then I stopped by Liza's to chat for awhile.

I came home after Liza's house and Dereck was here so we had trout and

perogies and veggies leftover from last night, on the front porch with

the doggie outside, and it was a beautiful Fall day (okay, so I am

starting early) and then I seduced him (edited by site owner).

Napping is discouraged on R.H. Though I really wanted one. That's why I went to the gym to exercise.

I did 30 killer minutes on program 4 (cross-training) (level ten) at the gym (you pedal rontward then back, alternatively, so you do each twice, and the pedaling back just about kills me) and then I stopped (2.5 miles) so I could lift for 20 minutes and still have something left today.

Then had milk with Christine at Java Co. afterwards. Sam has an openhouse tonight at his school, but I talk to his teacher several times a week, so Mark will go. He is at

soccer practice with the kids right now (which is a small miracle because he and I used to fight over soccer too. He opposes it because it is a bourgoise sport. If you are going "Huh?" join the club), and I almost went over, but I decided to enjoy some alone time instead of rush rush rush rush rush.

I may even take a *bath* with a *book*!

And Mark is bringing the boys to me tonight (so he can to go the open house at Sam's school), saving me a trip to Greentop (20 minutes one way) and back. That really does simplify my Thursday nights, the boys get to bed sooner, everything.

I could do 15 more minutes of exercise here. Naaahhhhh.... I had a great work out and I'm not dead.

Dereck has a late class and then Frisbee, and Liza is also on her own tonight, so I invited myself to her house for dinner. She called and said the turkey is in the oven.

Nice day off! Oh, how I love Fall. I love it.

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