Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I Love Yvonne Week

In honor of I Love Yvonne Week, for which I have been a little delinquent (my apologies, Yvonne!), I wanted to post my favorite pictures from her blog here.

The first one is of her beautiful new daughter, whom we readers cannot get enough of. I admit, every day I am hoping for a new picture of Gabby, and I have begun dreaming that I have a daughter. I blame Yvonne for this, of course.

The next one is one of my favorites of Yvonne, who is beautiful and doesn't know it.

And finally, on Yvonne's birthday-- this was one of the most beautiful posts-- have you ever seen two happier people?

Yvonne is one of the writers I mentioned who has a gift but truly doesn't know it. But her writing is as raw, fresh, and funny as any I have found-- I wish I could do what she does. But years of writing classes have to some extent refined what she has out of my writing. Sigh. I think (no offense to anyone anyone anyone else) that her blog, out of any others I've read, could really be turned into a book deal.

I wrote her this in an email awhile back:

Why on earth would you say that you are not a good writer? I have

spent a lot of time reading your archives. You are very good, and

best of all, you are sharp as a tack. Your wit is excellent. And you

capture all the complexities of making your reader tear up one moment,

and then you hit us between the eyes the next minutes-- but we don't

forget how you were breaking our hearts at the same time you were

making us laugh.

This is a gift. I have a creative writing degree, and taught writing

on the university level for three years. And I KNOW good writing when

I see it, and honey, you have one of the best blogs I've ever seen (if

not THE best), and I also KNOW that you have something nobody can

teach. You either have it, or you don't. And you've GOT it-- you

have had it the whole time!

It's that good.

If you haven't read her yet, go, and dig through the archives.

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