Monday, September 20, 2004

Mamma's little brag book

I have written here about my children's travails. I have written about Christian's experiences in speech therapy and our suspicions that there is something neurological going on along the autism or asperger's spectrum.

I have written about Tommy's struggles this year with reading (though, I might note that this is the first school year since he started pre-school at age 3.5 that we have gone this long without some kind of note about his behavior-- well, I guess summer school was pretty good, actually... thus confirming my suspicions that his teacher last year was just a big witch).

And so now, if you will pardon me, I am going to brag a little.

About Sam.

Who casually handed me an envelope from his backpack last night addressed to the Parents Of. I opened it and found in it his state, standardized test scores from last year.

He scored in the 95th percentile for Social Studies and the 97th percentile for Math. According to this test, he placed higher than 95% of students his age in the nation for Social Studies, and higher than 97% for Math.

This is the child who does not like math.

I was astonished.

And then, of course, very very proud.

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