Thursday, September 9, 2004

Random Acts of Meanness

Sigh. I need to apologize, and I will do that personally in a few minutes.

Instead of counting blessings or looking for random acts of kindness, I had a moment of sheer meanness earlier this week, from which I am still reeling.

An act of sheer meanness that I did. And it was completely unnecessary.

I poked my head in where it did not belong. And I shouldn't have.

On the other side (is this the bright side?), and on a completely unrelated note, I have a very good friend who did the thing that is the hardest for all good friends to do, and gave me a royal ass-kicking last night. She sternly tsked at me because at the beginning of the summer, I set forth a challenge to myself to tackle a large writing project, of which I have about four pages done. Maybe six.

But I have not been reading or writing, other than blogs lately. And I am starting to feel the effects on my intellectual life, which is virtually non-existent. So, last night I started reading a new book.

And today, I will get out my six pages of writing and add something new.

I am not saying I will not blog anymore. No no no no no-- I do not blame the blog. I started this because I wanted to write daily, and I do.

But now it's time to stop fine-tuning the instrument and play.

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