Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

This comes from Dana, who also inspired me to count my blessings (which I will continue to do).

I have, in fact, several acts of kindness to report.

a) Angela offered us her digs this weekend.

b) the girl who painted the flowers on my nails didn't charge me.

c) yesterday, the woman who helped me finish my project.

d) My babysitter folded all of the baskets of laundry sitting in the hallway while I was at karaoke.

e) Dereck, daily, loads the dishwasher and unloads it, walks the dog, watches kids, cooks, reminds me to pay my bills, is in a good and happy mood, and is loving and affectionate. I receive acts of kindness from him every single day and this, apart from the health and happiness of my children, is my single greatest blessing.

This is not a random act of kindness, but... I ate the yogurt. And it didn't kill me.

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