Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Another Wednesday Meme for You

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either leave your answers or a link to your webpage with your responses.

    Would you rather be:
  1. A garbage collector OR a fry cook at a greasy spoon restaurant? I'd rather be the garbage collector because I've heard the money is pretty decent, and you get the job done early in the day-- and then there is plenty of time leftover for reading and writing. Think of the great stories you could collect, too!
  2. The person who repairs downed power lines OR the person who cleans the shark tanks (while they're still in it) at aquariums? Oh, no contest-- I'd rather swim with the sharks. That would be cool.
  3. The person who does makeup on dead people for open casket services OR the person who who has to scoop the ashes of a dead person into an urn? Um... I just don't feel that comfortable around dead people, vampire books aside...
  4. A beat cop in new york OR a navy SEAL on a covert mission?
  5. I'll cop to a slight fascination with the Navy Seals. If I thought I had what it takes, in another life, I could see a career change...

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