Friday, December 17, 2004

Selina wrote this today:

"I want to be more like Jen and be totally, completely honest without being judgemental. Sure, outright bluntness may offend some easily offended people and I might run off some patients, but sometimes a little tough love is needed. Sometimes a person won't listen to the advice of their friends or their family, but the opinion of a doctor (or therapist, for that matter) somehow carries more weight. Maybe it's the fact that you are paying for the advice. Maybe it's the fancy degree. I think it really has to do with hearing the advice from a neutral party.

At any rate, I am going to strive to be more like Jen when I see patients. No bull, straight to the point, friendly but matter-of-fact."

And I literally cringed and almost burst into tears.

There is no way that Selina could know that my week has completely fallen apart thanks to the very honesty and bluntness she cherishes. But it was nice that you thought of me anyway. Thank you, Selina.

The universe is colliding in strange ways. The priest I've been dying to talk to finally called me this morning, and if I weren't at work, I would have collapsed into tears and poured out my heart to him. But I didn't, just briefly told him what was going on and he sounded concerned. But I really needed for him to call me, and I am glad he did, and we are going to talk more when I get back from Pennsylvania.

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