Monday, December 13, 2004


My cell phone is dying. Lately, it turns off at the drop of a hat. It turns off if I close it. It turns off if I am talking to: my babysitter; my mother; Liza.

It turns off and then back on repeatedly in my pocket when I am driving to the shitty cell phone company where I have my service.

They look at my phone. They tell me that a liquid has gotten into the circuits, and they are corroding.

They diagnosed death for my cell phone. They can't tell me how much longer my phone has. Weeks? Days? But probably not longer than that, because it is acting the way it is. It turned off while it was sitting on the counter, while we were talking about it.

A new battery won't fix it.

The only option?

I have to buy a new phone because I didn't buy insurance for this one.

Here are your choices: These phones over here, for $50,000, or these over here, that have digital cameras, for $55,000**.

Whichever I decide, it is going on a credit card. I said, "I'll think about it and come back."

What would you do?

**price might be slightly exaggerated, but you get my drift.

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