Monday, December 6, 2004

Sore Throats and Mondays...

I am home sick today.

I should have known it last night when I was drifting off to sleep with the little boys, and could feel my nasal passages draining into my throat, and Tommy kept yelling at me that I was snoring (which I never noticed).

I went to sleep essentially at 9:00 p.m. and was draggy all day yesterday, but I thought I was just feeling blue. Well, apparently, I was also fighting off a cold.

I have a sore throat. I am choking on my own mucous.

It did not take me very long this morning to figure out that going to work was a baaaad idea, so I took the boys to school, came home, and went back to bed (after notifying work, of course).

I got some much needed sleep, and I am wondering how much more I can get away with without risking my sleep this evening.

I would like to work out, get those bodily fluids moving, but just now when I moved from the couch to the computer, I felt a little woozy. Yes, I have eaten today. I probably need to push more fluids though. Too bad coffee doesn't count.

I suppose I could always return to the couch.

Yesterday, we put up our little, fake, 3-foot tree with miniature ornaments that we got this year so we could still have a festive house, even though we are going out of town (gulp, in two weeks!).

The boys were so awesome. We put in some Christmas music, and they really got into it. There was no criticism of the little tree, only the tenderest of care and cooperation as they decorated it. I am not being saracastic-- they were really amazing. They love their little tree, and Tommy kept saying, "We have the most beautifulest tree in the whole neighborhood."

I am glad I didn't attempt a trip to Columbia yesterday, now that I am sick anyway. I took Sam with me to Mass yesterday, and except for him looking the entire time like somebody kicked him hard where it counts, it was fine. I asked him about it-- did he feel like it was weird? Did he not know what to do? And he said, "Sometimes when something doesn't really grab my interest, I feel bored."

Well. Too bad. I can be sympathetic to discomfort, but not to boredom. I even let him bring a book which he was too embarrassed to read (not his father, who takes books and reads everywhere, including and especially at the boys' soccer games, prompting other parents to wonder why he even bothers to come).

I went to afternoon Vespers later with Carol and that was very cozy and nice.

All in all, a nice weekend, even getting haircuts at the Beauty Academy for the boys (which was great-- they have to do exactly what you tell them to do! Tommy got the best haircut of his life because he actually let him use the razor on him!) and running errands.

On Friday night, we all watched Willow together, and they loved it. It was great, because I love that movie, and to see my boys love a movie that I have so long loved-- well, it was just magical.

How are you this wet, cold, dreary Monday? How was your weekend?

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