Sunday, December 19, 2004

Division of Labor

Today, before he left to go grade at his office, Dereck made homemade chicken soup, and I made bread (okay, I used the bread machine, by request. Sue me). He asked me to put in egg noodles around 5:00, as we would eat at 5:30 and have been invited over to hang out with friends this evening, as there is no evening Mass at the student center (doh!).

Around 4:30, after my friend Carol left (I colored her hair, what else?), I checked the soup, thinking that I would add the noodles early, because I like them absorb the soup's flavor. The soup had cooked WAY down! So, I added about 8 cups of water to the soup and a couple of bouillon cubes.

When it started to boil, I added some basil.

It's 4:45 now, and I would love to add more spices, but I'm afraid I don't have thyme...

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