Monday, December 13, 2004

Dinner Time Conversation:

Christian: Maybe it took all kinds of gods to make the world. Maybe God just needed some help. The Egyptians had lots of gods.

Tommy: But they weren't real.

Dereck: When people need to attribute things to a god, they make gods in images they can understand. Like, look at the piano. Do you love the piano?

Sam: No.

Dereck: Do you love your mom?

All: Yes.

Dereck: Then you are going to make a god like your mom, right?

Tommy and Christian to me: Hi, God!

Christian: But maybe there was a huge war in heaven because the devil was jealous of God.

Jen puts down her fork and looks at Christian: Where did you hear that?

Christian: In Santa versus the Snowman.

After Dinner Conversation

Dereck: Well, he's right. That is what that movie is about.

Christian: So, maybe there are lots of gods.

Jen: But God said there aren't. He said there is only one God.

Christian: But maybe that isn't true. Maybe he just said that to trick us because he is a tricky God.

Bedtime Conversation:

Sam: I wonder why I get to sleep so much easier here than at Dad's.

Jen: (Kissing Sam tons on the cheeks, making squeaky noises.)

Sam: Mom, stop it. That's just plain weird.

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