Sunday, December 12, 2004

Still Sick...

I told Liza today that I've barely been online at all this weekend, and she said, "Wow, you really are sick."

Yesterday, without effort or planning, I slept in until 2:30. Today, I had plans to go down to church in Columbia, but realized last night that I actually needed more sleep. I slept into day too, and had a nap late in the afternoon, but I am still not feeling better. I am drowning in my own mucous and coughing. Not pretty. So, I have already called the dr. and left a message. I don't have a fever, but come on, this is getting ridiculous.

My dad called. "I've been reading your blog. You have bronchitis. And you know what the number one cause of bronchitis is, don't you? Smoking."

My dad is the president of the American Lung Association, Utah, so he should know.

I called them back and left a message: "Does this mean I need antibiotics?"

My mom called me back: "You need to see a doctor, yes."

Liza: "First comes bronchitis, next pneumonia."

I seem to be particularly susceptible to pneumonia, so I am going to go to work tomorrow, submit my online progress report to the government and then I am going home until I feel right again. It is the week before Christmas. Nothing *that* burning needs to get done this week (except that report tomorrow).

And I'd kind of like to be feeling better before we have a two-day drive to Pennsylvania, because that would kill me right now.

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