Tuesday, December 7, 2004


Law and Order

By 5:00 yesterday, maybe a little before, I had crawled into bed with a book, having almost swooned twice when walking around. I forgot my gatorade, so I was just kind of lying there, half asleep, pathetic, when Dereck walked in. I felt like crap. We took my temperature, and it was normal, possibly due to Tylenol I had just taken-- because I had chills, aches, the whole nine yards.

It was feeling this way and not thinking that I could handle a 40 minute round trip drive plus wrestling three energetic boys into bed that caused me to decide to call their father and ask if he would keep them overnight. He agreed, and I talked to each of them who expressed sympathies that I was sick.

I had forgotten, though, that he teaches at 7:30 a.m., so he would be bringing the boys by here for me to take to school anyway. Great. Still no sleeping in.

I am feeling a bit better today-- the cold seems to moving upward to my nose rather than south to my chest. And my neck doesn't ache terribly today.

So, last night after we agreed I was in for the night, Dereck brought me some leftover stew and bread machine bread and we ate dinner in bed and watched Law and Order. And then, you will not believe what happened: another episode started on TNT immediately, and it was a 4-part episode!!!! We couldn't believe it. It was the best thing ever. Was it four or three parts? Four doesn't seem right, given what time we finished, but anyway, we ended up watching Law and Order all night. And somehow, that made being sick a little better.

My children just walked in! I got kisses and concern from older two and some kind of stony-face from youngest, so let me to see what that is all about.

Aha-- maybe if he doesn't kiss me hello, I won't notice he has gone to watch television...

And now I am making hot cocoa. Hope your Tuesday is great.

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