Saturday, February 6, 2010

Best served cold

I am starting a list. Right now. For every black mark I put by your name, I will call you every single day when I am retired. And tell you to Fuck OFF.

Yes. I'm talking to you, asshole.


  1. You should be! Now, what is your number again? ;)

  2. Ha! Love it! I'm curious to know who's on the black list, and note how blithely I assume I'm NOT? (But then, any phone call from you would be a pleasure.)

    Hey, when we're old and gray, you can phone me and say nothing more than "fuck off", and I'll say "back atcha, bitch", and then we can launch into a three-hour conversation. Deal? Though maybe not when our children are in earshot and start thinking that maybe mom needs "care". :D

  3. "Laura," I thought that was you! But I was seriously concerned for a minute about what Laura would welcome a phone call from me, hahaha. Mostly because I don't know any. ;)

    Who do you think is on the black list, silly? lol