Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am in Utah, otherwise known as the land of a thousand sticks of gum. Or maybe that's just my parents' house.

It hit 50 degrees in the car on the way to Provo from the airport. It was sunny and the skies were blue. So, even though I just got there, having sat a lot in the past two days, I immediately changed into my running gear and headed out.

I didn't want to take the time to map out a course before going today, so I decided to run out 20 minutes and then turn around and head back. I started by running half-way up Foothills Drive. I'll take pics tomorrow. I need to work on hills for the 1/2 marathon, but I didn't try to do the entire hill today.

Before I had gotten half-way in my run, I came across a small dog in the road. So, I paused my music and crouched down and tried to get the dog to come to me, so I could look at his tag and maybe return him. He growled and barked, so I sat down on some steps near the sidewalk, leading up to one of the many LDS church parking lots. I was sitting there, looking at the dog, who was growing and yipping and hopping toward the traffic, when two women drove past me in a little yellow car, glaring at me. I muttered, "It's not my dog. I don't even live here. I just got off a plane."

They pulled into the parking lot behind me, and the dog moved farther away, so I said, "Screw it," and continued on my run. Bad not-pet owner!

It takes me awhile to warm up sometimes when I run. I haven't run since Saturday. Took Sunday off, and then did the elliptical trainer Monday and Tuesday. My back is finally not hurting from the Sunday run anymore. Typically for me, once I hit the last leg of my run, I started to really hit my stride. And I found myself suddenly running faster. I was to turn right at the stop light and run about a quarter mile more to my parents' house, when I surprised myself by veering left and bursting into a full sprint. I ran the block hard, then crossed the street, ran another block at top speed, crossed the street, and repeated this for about six blocks until I felt like puking.

Then, I turned around and back.

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