Sunday, February 28, 2010


Just as no one can prepare you for the complexities of bringing a child into this world, no one and nothing can prepare you for the utter suckitude of ushering your parents out.


  1. *fingers in ears* la la la la la I'm not listening...

  2. I'd say "hang in there -almost home" - but you'd probably want to punch, I won't say it. Really. I won't.

    But the mountains are gorgeous, aren't they? And the sky blue? Glass half full!

    Hug 'em while you can.

    Okay. You CAN punch me. But seriously.

  3. It sucks so much because I love them. And seeing them go through what they are going through hurts almost as much as seeing my kids through their struggles. <3

  4. I know. And I wasn't so much trying to talk you out of it as - lighten it for a moment.

    Sucks. Yes.

  5. Ugh...your experiences have had me thinking about my folks over the past week. Today I was super emotional about it, and I'm not even where you're at.