Thursday, February 11, 2010

Puff, my ass

Me: I think today will be better. My god, you should have seen how puffy it was under my eyes when I got up today. I had to put hemorrhoid cream under my eyes. So now my face smells like ass.

Now your face smells like ass. Mwah-ha. That's ironically, sadly appropriate for the whole emotional slough you're in right now, somehow, though I can't quite follow the thread... And I probably shouldn't laugh. Oh, of course I should. I'm sure you meant me to.

Hugs to you, oh puffy one. I'd never, ever thought of using PrepH for that purpose, but I'll be tucking it away in my "beauty secret" file, for sure.


Me:I did mean for you to laugh-- I will have to think about that thread, too, hahaha.

Of course, maybe worse than smelling like ass may be smelling like the remedy for swollen ass veins...

That's not very elegant, is it? Oh my god, scary puffy face though. I learned about this trick a few years ago at karaoke. The women carry it in their purses (in case they cry at the bar, haha-- there's a blog post, right there). Because after all, it was made to shrink tissues...

Some of them use it regularly and preventively. I try to limit the ass-cream-on-face time to when I really need it. Call me crazy.


  1. It's an old model's trick.

    I think there may be a point of diminishing return though - you can only mess with those tiny little capillaries so many times - they aren't big honking bottom veins. (Need to be delicate - my chillens are watching.)