Sunday, February 21, 2010


It's snowing. I've heard we should get ten inches. We already have... 3 or 4? Big fat flakes. The kids have been invited to go to a movie this afternoon, and I need want to get to the store. Of course, with a diabetic kid, there are things you *should* have around like milk, orange juice, fresh fruit, and carbohydrate snacks. We can get through today and possibly tomorrow without a run to the store, but I don't like to cut things that close. My van is still in the shop, so we'll see how the car does in the snow.

I doubt the kids will have school tomorrow. I mean, it's possible, but MODOT is not the quickest at clearing the roads. I understand that the school district hesitates to cancel school because of financial and other bureaucratic reasons, but if I [still] lived in the country, there are days this winter that I would have openly flipped off in the general direction of the superintendent and kept my kids home anyway. As it stands now, we can walk it, so we have no excuse, except my general grumpiness when I have to clear off the car and drive on shitty, slippery streets just so my kids won't have to go to school in June. I feel for the teachers; the kids can suck it. If a bus has an accident, they might reconsider their priorities; just hope that isn't what it takes.

My back still hurts today-- mostly from being pressed against the back side of the sofa while I am on the computer-- but the rest of my body feels much better today. I am still not running today, even though running in the snow doesn't bother me. My body needs a break. I logged 33 miles last week. I feel pretty good about that, and not like I need to push it. I didn't go to the play last night, though. I lay on my hardwood floor and tried to keep my puppy from sticking his tongue in my mouth while I stretched my back.

The first time Devon ran with Carol and I this week (we have all run together intermittently in the past), she told us, "[Mutual friend] Torbjorn says the first time you run with someone new, you should ask them to tell you about their relationship with their mother. Then, they will talk for the entire run, and you can kick back and breathe."

I thought that was really funny. I spoke with my mother last night, and we had a very circular, confused conversation. Par for the course. But as I lay on the floor with my own sore back, I was able to have more empathy with her, so I just modulated my voice and murmured soothing things to her as she had the same conversation, going around the track like a limping racehorse, four or five times until I decided that we could either do that all night, or I could end the conversation.

She is upset that I am only going to be there for a weekend. I told her that this is what I can do right now, but I will try to come out more frequently. Always easier to do when the weather is better. Fortunately, I don't think today's snow will keep me from driving to Kansas City on Wednesday, but, whatever. I guess I'll find out.

Yesterday, Royce posted about an April race on Facebook. With a note that it's to raise money for a local church. I messaged him for details. Specifically, it's to raise money for a youth program for the Baptist church. I wrote back and told him, "I'll be skipping that one." Fundamentally (haha, get it?) opposed to giving money to Baptists. Especially for their indoctrination youth program.

What are you up to today?

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  1. Knitting.

    It's a pleasure

    And the kids are watching silly movies. So far: Flubber and The Trouble with Angels (don't ask why I bought this!)