Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Boost-Hallmark's-Stock Day!!!

It's been a pretty nice weekend. Since I posted the other day about being sad, the universe has taken a little pity on me. I'm still cautious, taking life day by day, but grateful for some relief.

This morning, we went to brunch with some friends. They offer six different kinds of eggs benedict, and $3 mimosas and bloody marys. Despite the cheapness of the drinks, I had only one mimosa and so much coffee that I'm still running to the bathroom every half hour or so.

Of course, the fact that I came to the coffeeshop to work (not as a barista) afterwards probably did not help. Carol and I were going to run today, but last night it started snowing, and, well, it is still snowing. She left early for Iowa, and well, I decided to stay at the coffeeshop.

I am at the coffeeshop with my friend Karen, whom I never get to see. She came to brunch. She is grading papers and hoping to be snowed into Kirksville (she lives several hours south). I just looked out the window, and since we have been here, the streets and cars are coated with snow.

This is the snowiest winter we have had here for awhile. The children don't have school tomorrow anyway, but they may get snowed in at their dad's. He lives in the country and the snow drifts a lot where the wind has nothing to block it.

Tonight, we have plans to go to a buffet at the Episcopalian Church, because nothing says romance like a benefit for Haitian relief. I kid. It's a great thing to be doing. Though, this weather doesn't make me feel like going outside. I want to stay inside with a fire and a cuddly puppy. Time enough for that later, I suppose.

Nothing very exciting happening here. Thank God.


  1. Glad you got out and did something fun this weekend. I can't remember the last time I brunched without my kids--sounds like paradise!

  2. I've probably told you about a friend who was suffering through a really bad breakup who bemoaned the fact that "I used to complain about being bored. Now I really, really want to be bored." :-) I'm glad things have settled down for you.