Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ruh roh, Scooby

In my desire to be able to discuss things without really discussing them, I fear that I have accomplished my goal too well.

I apologize. This is more than a little embarrassing. The post I wrote yesterday is completely and utterly metaphorical.

My eyes, apart from a little astigmatism, are fine. I'm so sorry-- this has backfired on me. People who know me really well have been sending me little notes of encouragement and sympathy about my eyes. Thank you for your lovely outpouring of support-- a little tea and sympathy does me a world of good right now.

However, it was NOT my intention to succeed this well. I test-drove it last night with two people: One who knows me in real life, the other who knows me only online. They both know me well enough, I guess, that they both got it immediately. So, I rather assumed because of that that everyone would see right through it. I cannot explain it here, but again-- it's a metaphor. It's not even allegorical, because my eyes are fine. I'm sorry-- I wanted to clear this up, but I also warn you that I am likely to refer back to that metaphor in the future, because it *is* a successful way of talking about my life in a private way that (clearly and uncomfortably) conveys the emotional pain of the situation.

On the occasions that I do refer to this in the future, I will link back to this post.


  1. Wow. I was fooled. At first I thought it was allegorical. But then you kept adding detail after detail that seemed to relate only to eyes. I started worrying about you and wondering how you made it in all that pain, and I was hoping your eye would be able to last a good while longer. I also selfishly thought - I will never volunteer at a magic show again, Yikes!

  2. No need to apologize. I only continue to wish you weren't in pain, no matter where or what the pain is stemming from.

    I spent a lot of time beating myself up Jen for decisions I made when I was younger. But, I have come to the place in my relationship with myself that I had to begin to forgive all the stupid (in my case i'm not saying you did stupid things) things/decisions I made that continued to haunt me either financially, emotionally, mentally or phsycially.

    Afterall, we're all we've got.

  3. It was masterful. No need to apologize.