Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Another One Stolen From Pie...


First job: Babysitting, then Rax restaurant.

First screen name: Jench

First self-purchased CD: I have no idea.

First piercing/tattoo: ears pierced age 11 in Denver; second piercing age 15 in Chicago/ tattoo of a voodoo symbol to protect my children and my house from evil, on my tenth wedding anniversary, in the middle of my divorce.

First true love: Ummm... Steve Richter, or Mark Wise, who broke my heart.

First enemy: Gads.  I don't know the first one.  I just keep track of the current ones.


Last big car ride: probably to Lake of the Ozarks to camp.

Last kiss:  Dereck, a few seconds ago.

Last library book checked out:  A Mary Stewart King Arthur book that I lost and have since found, but not returned yet.  Checked it out last fall.

Last movie seen:  The Station Agent, and it was freaking awesome. Nope, wait, The Shape of Things on HBO, and it was creepy.

Last beverage drank: Two schmirnoff ices at karaoke, and some water because it was so hot, I couldn't breathe...

Last food consumed: pasta from Il Spazio right before Karaoke.

Last phone call: Called restaurants in St. L to make reservations.

Last CD played:  Soundtrack from Reality Bites.

Last annoyance: someone didn't show up at karaoke and didn't call...

Last pop drank: Dr. Pepper, only Dr. Pepper... when?  Sunday night at KFC?

Last ice cream eaten: Frozen custard cone tonight with D and kids at Crumbles and Cream

 Last time scolded: When I was informed at work that I had forgotten the dates of that speaker...

Last shirt worn: I'm wearing a black tank top, and before this, a lime green ribbed thing.


I am: staying up too late doing this.

I want: job security.

I have: three beautiful sons and an awesome awesome guy.

I wish: can't say here.

I hate: job insecurity.

I fear: job insecurity/ not being able to care for my children properly/keep them safe.

I hear: the fish tank...

I search: for Truth.

I regret: Um, making enemies with someone who later testified against me in my custody trial, even though it worked out okay.

I love: Dereck and my boys; my family; my friends; my animals

I always: worry too much and butt my nose in where I shouldn't.

I am not: shy

I dance: to Strokin' at karaoke.

I sing: Piano Man at karaoke

I cry: sometimes.  The hardest most recently was when Linda had her stroke.

YES or NO:

You keep a diary: What do you think?

You like to cook: yes, but I like to eat out more...

You have a secret you have not shared with anyone: Me?

DO YOU...?

Have a crush: No.

Want to get married: Sometimes.

Get motion sickness: sometimes.

Think you’re a health freak: What is the opposite of that?

Current hair color: umm, mostly blonde, five different colors of highlights thanks to Carol Ann.

Eye color: blue

Birthplace: Denver


Number: 11

Color: brown

Day: Friday

Month: October

Songs: ?  Too many to count.  Love Beck's Sea Change, and Coldplay's Rush of Blood to the Head.

Season: Autumn.

Drink: Coffee, with half and half.

Alcohol: Yes, please.

PREFERENCESCuddle or make out: Depends on my mood.

Chocolate milk or hot chocolate: right now, chocolate milk sounds much better.

Milk, dark, or white chocolate: milk

Vanilla or chocolate: chocolate.


Cried? teared up.

Helped someone? tried.  Meddled is more like it.

Bought something? I have three kids. Of course.

Gotten sick? Blinding headache most of the day.

Gone to the movies? No.

Said ‘I love you’? More times than I can count.

Written a real letter: no.

Talked to an ex? um, yes, actually, damn, I forgot.

Missed an ex? No.

Written in a journal? just this.

Had a serious talk? Yes, perhaps one of the most serious of my life.

Missed someone? hmmm... not really.

Hugged someone? Yup.  Many many someones.



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