Thursday, July 29, 2004

Impulse buys

Just got back from St. Louis and just ordered pizza and put my feet up.  Dereck is playing softball, but I couldn't get back into the car.

Erin (our favorite sitter) is coming at 9:15, and I'm supposed to go watch the DNC at the DuKum, but I don't know if I'm up for it.

I want to write something with the poetry and elegance of Karl's blog, but I am always too damn beat.  Just the facts, ma'am.

We drove down to St. Louis last night and stayed in the Hilton by the airport.  V. swanky.  The hot tub was lukewarm and ineffectual, but still v. swanky. 

We swam and "soaked" and then the kids watched a dvd on my laptop (woo hoo, it worked!) and then we did more of the same this morning, and I gave my mom a deep tissue massage to help her gear up for the flight.  She has spinal stenosis, which= pain for the rest of her life.  She takes morphine for it, but worries about her stomach, and would like to get off it.

Sam and I walked and ran respectively on the treadmill (at his suggestion) and I lifted some weights.

Then, I took my folks to the airport, and we headed out... to get as far as O'Fallon, land of Krispy Kreme, Target, PetSmart, and Office Max.

I got: dvd's, five (gads, really) karaoke cd's, two de-barkers for the dog (and behold, she is not barking) that emit a high-pitched sound instead of shocking her.  I also got an adapter for the car so I can plug in the laptop, so the kids watched dvd's on the way home (which was about a quarter of the cost of those itty bitty dvd players they well for the car) and ate donuts.

It wasn't a very long ride (remember, Jen was driving) and we got back and just collapsed.

I shouldn't have spend ANY money today, but I did, so there, so sue me.

Tomorrow:  meeting at 11:00 (large sigh) and challah, hopefully exercise, and hopefully not too tiring a day preparing for Shabbat.

I am tired already, just thinking about it, and tired still, just remembering.

Do I really need to go out tonight?

My hair is in a pony tail (hurray for growing hair!) and I have mud on my nose and chin.  Not to scare small children, but an attempt to stave off the big huge red thing on the end of my nose.  I look like a big scary witch, and depending on whom you ask, that is indeed what I am.

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