Saturday, July 10, 2004

"What is the Opposite of Chickens?"

I called the bank yesterday to find out how much of a loan I qualify for so I can trade in my minivan. And I called and made an appointment to have it detailed on Monday.

Today we drove around to used car lots: There is a dearth of minivans in this town right now.


But I have to have the door fixed. It OPENED when I was a block away from home driving with the kids today. That is IT. They will be gone this week (well, sort of, being babysat at my house...) and maybe I can replace it before they have to be in it again. We took Dereck's car to go lookin' today.

I'm exhausted, absolutely just want to crawl into bed. I had a nap before dinner, and it was full of restless anxiety dreams. I have consulted with several people though, and it turns out that I am not on crack. And the women I know have all appreciated the beauty of my gesture. Don, even you would appreciate it.

This morning the kids had a baseball game at 9:00 a.m., and that means we had to be there... earlier. I went to bed after 1:00 a.m. after maragaritas and Under the Tuscan Sun with my neighbor. We talked through the movie, so I feel like I need to see it again. Tommy's baseball glove has disappeared, but he can just use Sam's during the last game. I am not replacing his glove with only one game to go.

I got the kids' hair cut recently and asked the stylists how long it takes to get your cosmetology degree... Nine months to a year. Seriously, might be something to consider for retirement...

We went over to have Torah study today, but we were all so tired that we planted ourselves in the living room with tea and coffee and just chatted, and the kids played. But maybe enjoying the community was enough. And Dereck suggested at dinner we say the Havdalah prayers to close Shabbat.

We got an olive tapenade from Harry and David the other day that is like caviar.

It's better than nutella.

Problem-Solving at Friday Night Baseball

The dog was digging under the stands, so I gave Christian a little plastic dish and asked him to go get her some water.

He came back much later with water all down his front. He explained that Tommy careened into him and he spilled, and then he spilled one more time before he made it back with water, which we set down for the dog.

Then Christian sat down beside me and proceeded to drain my fountain drink cup of its soda, and demand money to go get more pop.

I refused, handing him the cup, and saying, "Go fill it up with water."

He said, "Really?"

"Yes, you don't need pop. Go fill it up with water."

He took a step away from me and then paused again. "Really?" he asked again.

"Yes, Christian, now go!"

"People can drink toilet water too?"


"People can drink water from the toilet too?"

"Is that where you got the dog's water?"


The water fountain was broken. I kissed him and told him he was a genius, but then I took him and washed his hands, and showed him how to get the water from the sink.

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