Thursday, July 1, 2004

Goldie Savannah

This post has been edited. Look for the edits in italics.

Her name is Goldie Savannah.

Thank you for all of your name suggestions. I was really really pulled by Sadie and Sahara. But we have special memories of Savannah from our trip, and so that is what I chose (Dereck not caring). I didn't see the Charlie comment until afterwards.

Dereck pointed out that the kids will hate it. They did hate it. And it turns out that Tommy wrote a book at school today about his dog Goldie... So what is a mother to do? They have been calling her Goldie all day. So, we decided to give her a middle name.

But I have a sneaky feeling the kids are not going to be cleaning up her poop for the next several weeks, so her name is Savannah. (I've been hoisted on my own petard)

1 comment:

  1. hehe I agree - whoever cleans up should get to name her.

    - Pie